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A Guideline on the Ways Timber Windows Can be Maintained

You will not spend a lot of time if you follow the right steps when maintaining your timber window frames. A lot of people believe that maintaining timber windows is a daunting job which is wrong. Your windows will have a beautiful look throughout the year when a well planned inspection schedule is followed. All the useful tips that will help in maintaining a good shape and look in your windows will be learned in this article when you continue reading it. Timber windows experience several problems caused by some things, but moisture and bad weather are the primary causes of such issues.

You should look for a reliable company that knows the right care practices that can be taken on timber windows. Such a company is the best option because it helps you lower repair costs. When moisture come into contact with our timber windows, what happen in the timber frame is that it swells or deforms. Timber windows become sticky which affects their movement also when such an incident happen on them. The inner or outer box frame of your window needs to be confirmed whether there is a problem with them before you choose to repair them.

Sticking windows can be repaired easily because the sash is the one that is disconnected from the frame. The timber will have enough time to dry, and that’s why it is essential. This process may last even for a week, but it can be fastened by stripping old paint. The wooden frame is repainted after it has dried up with micro porous paint and water based primer. You should hire a reliable company to apply the paint for you if you want it to be done professionally. Loose joints are another problem that is experienced with timber windows. After some time the glues of timber window frames will loosen up because they deteriorate. Expansion and contraction will happen on the timber window frames if moisture is present.

When moisture is left unattended it flows through the joints and reaches the window frames. When such a case happen, the timber will swell which will make the window stuck. The movement of timber windows will not happen perfectly when they get stuck. When the joints are being repaired the frames are not removed especially if the timber is not affected to the extent of solving its structural strength. The other problem that timber window suffers from is rusty hinges. If the window hinges are made with plain steel screws rusting is expected to happen. Corrosion will be volatile if the timber is exposed to moisture. A worse situation is where these screws will loosen up.

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